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Tanzania AA Genuine Kilimanjaro


Full-bodied cup with plenty of dark rich chocolate and raisin sweetness upfront, followed by a plum and stone fruit sweetness as it cools.

Location: Mamsera Village, Rongai District, foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania
Elevation: 1750 - 1900m
Variety: Kent/Bourbon
Number of workers: 1777

Among the Genuine Kilimanjaro coffee varieties cultivated on Mt. Kilimanjaro, this Mamsera Village coffee offers something unique and flavorful. The elevation of the small farm plays an important role in producing high-quality coffee, that is unable to be cultivated by large-scale coffee plantations. The farmers manually depulp the coffee cherries, which may require more time and effort, but the care that goes into the process shows in the coffee quality. This combination of high elevation, careful harvesting, and the use of pristine spring water from the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro are the secret to their consistent production of high-quality coffee.  

Tanzania - Genuine Kilimanjaro - 100g

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