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Pouring Coffee into Filter


Welcome to Crescent Coffee, a specialty coffee roasting business founded by me, Evan Kelley! 

Growing up in a small town in rural Wisconsin, a part of Midwestern America, coffee was presented to me as a way to just kickstart your morning. Nothing more, nothing less. A tool to get you through your day. Out of university, where I studied International Affairs, I moved to the Pacific Northwest, just outside of Seattle. Here, my perception of coffee exploded into what it is today.

Coffee is much more than a remedy  for weariness. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world that connects countless lives, from the small-lot coffee farmers to the baristas in your local café. Every coffee seed goes through so many hands before reaching your cup. This interconnection of effort, communication and care is what fascinates me the most about coffee. 

Every visit to a new coffee shop in Seattle taught me more about what coffee is and does.
Coffee is comfort. Coffee is relaxation. Coffee is communication. Coffee is inspiration.

After moving to Japan, I was worried about losing part of the joy I found in the coffee culture in Seattle. However, I learned something new.

Coffee is everywhere. 

As one of the world's largest consumers of coffee, Japan's coffee culture is diverse and sophisticated. A mix of tradition, discipline and experimentation can be found throughout the industry. No matter what kind of coffee you like, you will be able to find a location that suites your tastes.

It was here in Japan that I met my wife, Maya, who has worked in the specialty coffee industry for many years. With her help and knowledge about specialty coffee I was able to establish a deeper understanding of the industry. I was soon cupping with quality control experts, brewing coffee at local events, and roasting coffee alongside specialty coffee experts. Over the years, I devoted myself to learning the art of roasting coffee, spending my time researching and exploring the craft with the guidance of friends and family in the industry.


Coffee is connection.


Crescent Coffee was born through these connections I have made over the years. My goal, as the owner and roaster for Crescent Coffee, is to help others connect. Connect with the coffee origins and learn about the farmers that make each cup possible. Connect with friends, family and new acquaintances to share laughs, stories and inspiration. Connect with yourself through a relaxing morning routine as you brew a cup of Crescent Coffee. 

At Crescent Coffee, I am dedicated to roasting only the best quality specialty coffee for you and those you will share it with. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or simply love a great cup of coffee, I invite you to experience the rich, robust and unique flavors that my coffee can provide. All lots are handpicked and carefully prepared to ensure that you receive nothing but the best cup of coffee. 

Thank you for choosing Crescent Coffee, roasting for coffee lovers everywhere.

Evan Kelley
Owne/ Roaster

With Roaster edited.jpg

Maya and Mona
Family / Support Team!

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