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Colombia Narino, Buesaco Fully Washed

Location: Nariño, Buesaco
Details: Cortijo-Quitopamba
Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Elevation: 2,000~2,050m
Number of Farmers: 200
Process: Washed, 36-72 hours
Drying period: 15-25 days

A medium roast that offers a unique cup profile. The sweet and tangy aroma matches the orange and dark chocolate flavors that come through upfront. As the cup cools down, the sweetness intensifies and the flavors come through more clearly. A great refresher for any time of the day!

On the western edge of Colombia, bordering Ecuador, lies Nariño. Nariño's unique geography and distinct culture create a strong local identity. The craftsmen of the area are highly committed and create exceptional quality coffee. 

Colombia - Nariño Buesaco - 100g

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