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Indonesia - Lintong G1 Grand Bleu Hutajulu


This Medium/Dark roast Indonesian coffee has a lot of sweetness and depth. Great for any time of the day, black or Café au lait. The rich body complements the dark cherry-like sweetness, giving it a lot of flavor and complexity. With a little milk, the sweetness comes through even more. 


Region: Hutajulu

Altitude: 1,450m ~ 1,600m

Variety: Jember, Onang Ganjang, Ateng, TimTim, Sigarar Utang

Harvest: Hand-picked harvest

Processing: After removing pulp with manual pulper, 10- 12 hour fermentation (Dry fermentation)

Treatment: Floater removal, water washing 3 times

Sorting: Triple pick (hand sorting 3 times)

Harvest period: September/December, April/July


This coffee, derived from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, has been carefully selected based on cup quality. In recent years, coffee production in Sumatra has been in slow decline, and major exporters have been withdrawing from the area. However, some smaller farms, rooted in experience and tradition, have been continuing to provide excellent quality coffee in the region, including this Grand Bleu Hutahulu. This microlot coffee will give you a glimpse into the deliciously rich and complex coffees of the Sumatra region. 

Indonesia Lintong G1 Grand Bleu Hutajulu - 100g

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