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Peru G1 Jorge Zamora Tamay


Full-bodied cup with a muscat grape-like sweetness and aroma, followed by jasmine tea. The sweetness of the cup increases and the muscat flavor intensifies as the cup cools.


Farm Name: La Lima Farm

Owner: Jorge Zamora Tamay

Region: El Horcon, La Coipa, Cajamarca

Elevation: 1900m

Variety: Yellow Caturra

Processing: Double fermentation - Cherry stored in a cool dark place for 24 hours after harvest, pulped and dry fermented for 72 hours without immersion, double washed

Floaters: Sorted during harvesting and processing

Drying: Sun-dried on African beds for 20-25 days

Jorge, born in the Chota district (Lajas region), moved to the La Coipa district in 2018 and started his current farm. At the age of 44, Jorge, along with his wife and four children, are involved in coffee production.


The farm's name, La Lima, is derived from the fruit trees at the center of the farm. They use Guano fertilizer and compost produced from the pulp of these fruits. They do not use any pesticides or chemicals.


Pruning is a significant focus at La Lima, with Formative Pruning aimed at shaping the trees, improving sunlight and airflow. Production Pruning involves cutting branches by about 80cm to improve the coffee tree production.


Harvesting is primarily done by Jorge and pickers, while the sorting of floaters (underdeveloped beans) is handled by Jorge's wife.

Peru G1 Jorge Zamora Tamay - Double Fermentation - 100g

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